Monday, May 18, 2009

Love lost..

This post is inspired by a real good friend of mine who is going through a rough patch in his love life. Let's call him SK, first about him and me.. he has been one of the best friends I have made during my B - School days, not only is he caring and loving but a true genius and a gem of a person. When we met in college then he had recently started going around with this cute looking chubby girl from his office. Now, since he was back to college she started visiting him in our college which happened to be in the same city as the office in which they met. When she would be in college, they would often feed Maggi to each other and sip tea from one cup.

Days passed and I saw them happy and content. Not that there were no fights or misunderstandings but somehow things would always return back to normal and I would find them holding hands or snuggling together once again. It was their playful banter, their discussions of their future life and their happy selves which would repose my faith in love and relationships.

Two years passed and we graduated armed with our MBA degrees, in the meantime SK's girlfriend moved to another city because of her job. Slowly and steadily their conversations reduced, they couldn't meet as often as they did before. Things did not seem quite right between them, they had more frequent fights now over a myriad of things. They even started feeling that they wouldn't be compatible and yes finally they broke up.

SK misses her and perhaps loves her also, that's only for him to decide. But what touched me the most is his concern for her well being. He says he is fine but his girl or as he would call it - his bachha lives alone in a far away city and has few friends. He prays daily for her so that she gains the strength to be able to overcome this heart break soon. I too pray SK and I am sure she was blessed to have a person like you in her life.

Why are heart breaks so painful, and why do all of us have to go through them sooner or later. Wouldn't life be much more easier and beautiful if we didn't have to go through this ordeal..


HG said...

The post holds true for many of us dear!!

But need to mention here that it's really well written & carries us to our pasts (which are somewhat similar)

amit said...

Awesomely evolves lots of thoughts in mind and forces to think. Indeed the story is very touching.

Hriday said...

"I gazed at two lovers on a bench in Paris and shivered, today were deeply in love with each other, would die for each other, but tomorrow if they part ways they would go to any extent to hurt the other. I realized there was an element in this treacherous thing called love that was not for philosophers"-Nicholas nassim taleb