Saturday, May 16, 2009


In the hey days of my life
I knew no suffering, no strife

Blessed with money and fame
I resolved to play a vicious game

The big bad world lured me
There was no looking back, I could see

My hunger for power was insatiable
I had become ruthless and formidable

Then something happened and I got caught
All the riches and clout I lost

The ignominy of my misdeeds followed me
I could never breathe easy, never be free

Years passed and my youth faded
I am left weak and jaded

My end is near so I know
With no one on my side, I feel so low

Give me a chance for I need to mend
My sins and crimes before I am dead..


Ruchira ~~~ spellbound said...

Life knows the art of playing unfair. Thats whats interesting about it. But then leaving it on fate aint promising.
Nice prose.
Make me wonder

Neha Dua said...

Thanks Ruchira!