Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Warming :)

I am back from another of my short trips. This time I didn't go for travel or holiday purpose but, for keeping up the tradition of visiting my hometown Roorkee. Also, this time round it was not just reconnecting with my grandparents and uncles and aunts (Oh God, it sounds sooo distant.. let me call them what I call them chachu, chachi, mamu and mami) but also a family function. It was the house warming ceremony at my chachu's place. People came from everywhere, distant relatives whom I do not recognise and remember were present and announced their presence with bear hugs and pleasantries.

The function was to take place today morning and was preceeded by a Jagran last night. The function went well except for the palatial house which was soon turned into something entirely different. Just to give a short account of what happened - the beautiful curtains were subjected to the dirt and oil of numerous hands, the spotless and color co-ordinated bedsheets were not to be recognized, the sofas bore the jumps and fights of small kids and many more such heart wrenching things happened. The house warming ceremony ended but what starts now is a month long renovation. I wish my chachi patience and good luck for the coming days and well if I haven't told you before then Chachu, this was the best house I have ever seen :)

P.S. - For everyone else please be a little considerate towards your relatives/friends/neighbors belongings and feelings.

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