Monday, May 4, 2009

The first rain!!

I was back in the scorching heat after taking classes in the coaching institute and there was absolutely no sign of rain. It was a hot, sultry afternoon and soon after having lunch I dozed off. At about 5 pm when I left my home for the gym, suddenly I was greeted by a big raindrop on my hand. I was surprised or should I say flabbergasted with the raindrop that my first instance was to run towards the gym. But soon it stuck me that I love rain, I have always loved the intoxicating smell of the soil which gets wet by the rain drops. In fact as a child I would water my garden so that I could recreate the magic of that fragrance. It was never the same, the wet garden though would create an illusion of a downpour for a moment or so, but it could bever be close to the actual feeling which a rain imparts. I learned my lesson that the most beautiful things in life are the mainstay of only the almighty and no one else. But that doesn't mean that I stopped watering my plants, I continue to do that but without the expectations of that fragrance.

In the meanwhile, today's rain boosted my energy level in the gym and brought a smile on my face. Hope it did the same and better things for many of us!

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