Sunday, May 3, 2009

The end of weekend

Well, I am back from my weekend shopping trip. When you live in Delhi and GIP, Noida (Great India Place) is like 15 minutes from your place then it's kinda imperative to visit it once a week. I shopped for shades and floaters but apart from the usual shopping bit which all girls love, there was something intriguing which I noticed today.

After having bought four pair of shoes, I was tired and decided to have chaat at the roadside chaatwalla. While I was savouring the lip smacking tikki chaat I noticed that there was one shop where all the people wanted to have chaat and there was a queue which was being formed and just a step away there was another shop which had not even one customer. Was that poor man's shop and the chaat so bad that no one wanted to have it or was it as usual the herd mentality which plagued us once again??

Also, there was a strange sense of unity in diversity. Since it was a road side shop, the not so rich can afford it and the rich.. well what to say, were ordering it sitting in their spanky cars. I felt that all of us, the Indians are somewhere bound by the same principles, we enjoy the same small outings and the good old yummie chaat.

The weekend has come to an end and tomo is going to be a new day. I will be back to teaching my students (yes I haven't told you). These days I teach students preparing for their BBA entrance exams and I must confess, it is one of the nicest experiences of my life. More about this experience later when I actually meet them.

Till then, good night and sleep tight.

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Saurabh said...

u know, i always feel about those khaali chaatwalas.. i always tried to go n eat there, but slowly i realized that their material is mostly stale(though due to our nonchalance towards them). Had to switch to the herd mentality, but i wonder what drives those khaali ones to still be there..