Friday, May 15, 2009

Delhi men/boys..

It was around quarter past 7 when I was coming back from my dance class in Noida. I noticed suddenly that a guy was following me on his bike, first I tried to ignore but then grew sceptical of his continuous trail. I was trying to speed up but got caught on the next red light, he halted his bike right next to my car and was trying to catch my attention. In no time, he wanted to converse and was asking me to speak to him. All this was happening on a very busy Noida road, my mind was racing on what all he can do - bump his bike on to my car, follow me till my house or any other thing which I didn't want to think or imagine. I also thought about what I can do - the only thing that came to my mind was to call on the number 100, but would it really help? I don't know.. Thankfully, after having scolded him and taking a round or two here and there, I managed to confuse him and reached home safe and sound. The only question which my mind asks "Am I safe in Delhi".

When I came back home, I read the newspaper report about the girl Aarushi who was found murdered in her house in Noida last year and CBI stilll has to file a final report. Till when will the girls and women be subjected to this kind of treatment. When will justice prevail? When?

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