Thursday, May 7, 2009

The D Day!!!

Today was 7th May, the day which will seal the fate of Congress or BJP or whichever party.. well I am not here to get in to the nitty - gritty's of poll results but what I want to share here is something odd which I noticed, odd may be because it's the first time I voted or may be because it really was odd. After months of campaigning, no not just by the politicians but all others like NGOs, public figures etc. for making people aware of their right to vote, it was disheartening to see two men sitting at the booth for their election duty who were uncooperative to say the least. They were not even remotely interested in answering innocuous questions of the voters. I, who went there with my passport (coz I don't have a voter id) asked that where could I get my voter id from. I got a terse reply which was "Madam ji, hamara kaam nahi hai ye, hume nahi pata". First this reply not only highlights their ignorance but also shows their attitude which was bordering on the verge of being rude. It was like they were trying to undo what all others have been trying to achieve by urging us to vote. Nonetheless, nothing could dampen the nice feeling which I got after voting.

On another note, today I got into a discussion with a friend about the parties(Congress and BJP) we have voted for. This discussion or rather debate stretched a wee bit longer since both of us vehemently disapprove of the other party. We got into facts, riots, development, farmers, jobs.. possibly everything we could to prove our point but we couldn't reach a conclusion. In any case, that discussion gave me a broader perspective to think over, though my ideas did not change but it was satisfying to have a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Now, I think I should go off to sleep, have a train to catch early in the morning.. if I haven't told already then I am going to Kasauli. This small holiday is a present for my parents who will be celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary on 9th May :) More about this trip in my next blog. Till then see ya.

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Saurabh said...

so ur ideas still "did not change" but it was good to know that u at least have a broader perspective now..the point of discussion solved..