Sunday, May 3, 2009

After a long time

I am writing here today, after more than a year.. why this hiatus was there is something which even I can't comprehend. May be it was to do with the fact that I being a student of one of India's premier B School was caught up with myriad things or may be it was just about being lazy or it could be as plain as the fact that I didn't care enough about wrtiting.. the way I used to do when I was in school.

So what suddenly happened that I was propelled to write? It was yesterday when I felt once again that I liked writing. I was actually cajoled into writing by a close friend who wanted me to write about him.. well I know it sounds strange, but that's how it is. This friend of mine required a write up of a page about himself because that is what his company required. So after a lot of coaxing and blackmailing, I sat down last evening to write about him. After about an hour I was surprised not just by the write up but by the fact that how it is giving me a nice goody goody feeling. I was thanked profusely by my friend and then it stuck me, blogging.. here is my chance to feel nice evryday.

As I write this blog, I am contemplating about that fact that why I like writing. The answer which I can figure out instaneously is that I have always been really really talkative. I love talking.. talking about feelings, thoughts, political issues, random gup - shup.. all of it. but somehow somewhere when one grows up he/she starts getting monitored. The person is being advised to act all mature, measure his/her words.. in short just speak less and well just speak the relevant stuff. So I think it is that pent up desire to talk more and more and share all little things of life.

With that note, I will end this entry. Will tell you more tomorrow.. about the bright sunny(literally) day, about the shopping which I am going to do today and well much more. Stay tuned.

Love Neha


Saurabh said...

its good that u started again.. because this is a nice blog..

HG said...

You are a good Blogger Neha :) (I learnt this recently!!)