Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I die

When I die
Who will cry?

The friends I forgot
or the foes I got
The parents I lost
or the kids I sent abroad
The wife I fought
or the money I sought

When I die
Who will cry?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marriage of Maddy :)

24th May 2009, today is that auspicious day when my beautiful roomie (Maddy) is getting married to her long time boyfriend. Maddy was my next door neighbour in the first year of MBA and then was my roomie in the final year. We met each other on the very first day at MDI. I was with my parents who were trying to make the hostel room perfect and cozy for their darling daughter ;) and in Maddy's room was a guy who was helping to clean up and make the room comfortable for his eerrrrrr girlfriend/sister/friend.. I didn't know then and to make matters worse my mother said "I think the girl's brother has come to drop her". But it was soon when Maddy made it clear to one and all that she was committed and completely in love with the guy who came to drop her.

Days passed and I got to know Maddy more than just the pretty looking neighbour. She came across as one of the most creative and smart people around. Her insatiable desire for trivia and movies and music and coffee and endless other things always amazed me. I got to know her more closely as a person when we started sharing the room. It was her sheer presence which would light up our room. I have met really few people like her -who are at peace with themselves, who can smile when they get up from the bed and who are so genuinely nice.

Being roomates and friends we had many discussions about our boyfriends and love life. One thing which was always a pleasant surprise for me was the understanding which they shared. They had joined bank accounts, bought a car and emptied all their savings and all this when they were not married. I asked her once isn't this too much of a risk and how can she be so sure of a person and she said something so profound. It went like "Neha, till the time we don't make an effort to be sure of the person, we will never be". These words will forever be etched in my memory and I hope that I am able to apply them in my life someday.

Finally, our two years at MDI were coming to an end, he came again to take Maddy back and to pack the bags of his girlfriend and now would be wife. Today they are getting married. I just wish them all the love and happiness in the world. How I wish I could be there to hug you Roomie..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Funk 2009

Today was the culmination of the Summer Funk classes of the Shaimak Davar Institute. There were hundreds of students, ranging from the age of 2 to 50. The Siri Fort Auditorium was packed with performers, parents, relatives and our instructors. We wore costumes which no one in their right mind would ever wear. We looked funny in purple and green colored satin short skirts on which we stuck ticklies (a shiny silvery coin kind of thing) but I would like to believe the audience including my parents who said we looked good if not fabulous.

In those glittering lights where all of us were either anxious or excited to perform, there was also present a group of very special children. Yes, the children who were challenged, autistic or dyslexic. They were also there to perform, dressed up in their white shiny costumes all decorated with ticklies (this is a standard thing). I don't know how they felt performing in the front of such a large audience but it was their sheer presence on the stage which made me get goosebumps. They put up a fantastic show, it was a performance where they showed their colors, their moves and their innocent smiles. It was nothing but the best.

These kids get trained in the Shaimak's Victory Art Foundation for special children. It is his way to reach out to them and I feel with this thought of his, he reached out to all of us. I just prey and hope that someday somewhere I can do my small bit for these children - the God's Children.

God Bless!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Deep down there is a flame
Which flickers still
And tells me not to blame
Myself for this nil..

Deep down there is a flame
Which keeps alive as if sublime
It inspires me to shed the shame
For it’s not my fault this time

Deep down there is a flame
Which refuses to die
And reminds me of my aim
Those starts and the sky..

Deep down there is a flame..
Which is my only ray of light
It believes that I can go and claim
For I just need to fight..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love lost..

This post is inspired by a real good friend of mine who is going through a rough patch in his love life. Let's call him SK, first about him and me.. he has been one of the best friends I have made during my B - School days, not only is he caring and loving but a true genius and a gem of a person. When we met in college then he had recently started going around with this cute looking chubby girl from his office. Now, since he was back to college she started visiting him in our college which happened to be in the same city as the office in which they met. When she would be in college, they would often feed Maggi to each other and sip tea from one cup.

Days passed and I saw them happy and content. Not that there were no fights or misunderstandings but somehow things would always return back to normal and I would find them holding hands or snuggling together once again. It was their playful banter, their discussions of their future life and their happy selves which would repose my faith in love and relationships.

Two years passed and we graduated armed with our MBA degrees, in the meantime SK's girlfriend moved to another city because of her job. Slowly and steadily their conversations reduced, they couldn't meet as often as they did before. Things did not seem quite right between them, they had more frequent fights now over a myriad of things. They even started feeling that they wouldn't be compatible and yes finally they broke up.

SK misses her and perhaps loves her also, that's only for him to decide. But what touched me the most is his concern for her well being. He says he is fine but his girl or as he would call it - his bachha lives alone in a far away city and has few friends. He prays daily for her so that she gains the strength to be able to overcome this heart break soon. I too pray SK and I am sure she was blessed to have a person like you in her life.

Why are heart breaks so painful, and why do all of us have to go through them sooner or later. Wouldn't life be much more easier and beautiful if we didn't have to go through this ordeal..

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In the hey days of my life
I knew no suffering, no strife

Blessed with money and fame
I resolved to play a vicious game

The big bad world lured me
There was no looking back, I could see

My hunger for power was insatiable
I had become ruthless and formidable

Then something happened and I got caught
All the riches and clout I lost

The ignominy of my misdeeds followed me
I could never breathe easy, never be free

Years passed and my youth faded
I am left weak and jaded

My end is near so I know
With no one on my side, I feel so low

Give me a chance for I need to mend
My sins and crimes before I am dead..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Delhi men/boys..

It was around quarter past 7 when I was coming back from my dance class in Noida. I noticed suddenly that a guy was following me on his bike, first I tried to ignore but then grew sceptical of his continuous trail. I was trying to speed up but got caught on the next red light, he halted his bike right next to my car and was trying to catch my attention. In no time, he wanted to converse and was asking me to speak to him. All this was happening on a very busy Noida road, my mind was racing on what all he can do - bump his bike on to my car, follow me till my house or any other thing which I didn't want to think or imagine. I also thought about what I can do - the only thing that came to my mind was to call on the number 100, but would it really help? I don't know.. Thankfully, after having scolded him and taking a round or two here and there, I managed to confuse him and reached home safe and sound. The only question which my mind asks "Am I safe in Delhi".

When I came back home, I read the newspaper report about the girl Aarushi who was found murdered in her house in Noida last year and CBI stilll has to file a final report. Till when will the girls and women be subjected to this kind of treatment. When will justice prevail? When?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Warming :)

I am back from another of my short trips. This time I didn't go for travel or holiday purpose but, for keeping up the tradition of visiting my hometown Roorkee. Also, this time round it was not just reconnecting with my grandparents and uncles and aunts (Oh God, it sounds sooo distant.. let me call them what I call them chachu, chachi, mamu and mami) but also a family function. It was the house warming ceremony at my chachu's place. People came from everywhere, distant relatives whom I do not recognise and remember were present and announced their presence with bear hugs and pleasantries.

The function was to take place today morning and was preceeded by a Jagran last night. The function went well except for the palatial house which was soon turned into something entirely different. Just to give a short account of what happened - the beautiful curtains were subjected to the dirt and oil of numerous hands, the spotless and color co-ordinated bedsheets were not to be recognized, the sofas bore the jumps and fights of small kids and many more such heart wrenching things happened. The house warming ceremony ended but what starts now is a month long renovation. I wish my chachi patience and good luck for the coming days and well if I haven't told you before then Chachu, this was the best house I have ever seen :)

P.S. - For everyone else please be a little considerate towards your relatives/friends/neighbors belongings and feelings.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Distance makes the heart grow fonder
For there are memories to cherish and remember

Sitting on the edge of my window I miss
That breeze, that rain and our first ever kiss

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Now, I take time to think and ponder

If your eyes also search for my one sight
For I light my dreams with you each night

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
I realize today when growing older

With you I was a child showered with love and affection
I need you again to give my life a new direction

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
My joys and sorrows crave for your shoulder

Come back to me, for I will hold you
And start our beautiful world anew

Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The D Day!!!

Today was 7th May, the day which will seal the fate of Congress or BJP or whichever party.. well I am not here to get in to the nitty - gritty's of poll results but what I want to share here is something odd which I noticed, odd may be because it's the first time I voted or may be because it really was odd. After months of campaigning, no not just by the politicians but all others like NGOs, public figures etc. for making people aware of their right to vote, it was disheartening to see two men sitting at the booth for their election duty who were uncooperative to say the least. They were not even remotely interested in answering innocuous questions of the voters. I, who went there with my passport (coz I don't have a voter id) asked that where could I get my voter id from. I got a terse reply which was "Madam ji, hamara kaam nahi hai ye, hume nahi pata". First this reply not only highlights their ignorance but also shows their attitude which was bordering on the verge of being rude. It was like they were trying to undo what all others have been trying to achieve by urging us to vote. Nonetheless, nothing could dampen the nice feeling which I got after voting.

On another note, today I got into a discussion with a friend about the parties(Congress and BJP) we have voted for. This discussion or rather debate stretched a wee bit longer since both of us vehemently disapprove of the other party. We got into facts, riots, development, farmers, jobs.. possibly everything we could to prove our point but we couldn't reach a conclusion. In any case, that discussion gave me a broader perspective to think over, though my ideas did not change but it was satisfying to have a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Now, I think I should go off to sleep, have a train to catch early in the morning.. if I haven't told already then I am going to Kasauli. This small holiday is a present for my parents who will be celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary on 9th May :) More about this trip in my next blog. Till then see ya.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The first rain!!

I was back in the scorching heat after taking classes in the coaching institute and there was absolutely no sign of rain. It was a hot, sultry afternoon and soon after having lunch I dozed off. At about 5 pm when I left my home for the gym, suddenly I was greeted by a big raindrop on my hand. I was surprised or should I say flabbergasted with the raindrop that my first instance was to run towards the gym. But soon it stuck me that I love rain, I have always loved the intoxicating smell of the soil which gets wet by the rain drops. In fact as a child I would water my garden so that I could recreate the magic of that fragrance. It was never the same, the wet garden though would create an illusion of a downpour for a moment or so, but it could bever be close to the actual feeling which a rain imparts. I learned my lesson that the most beautiful things in life are the mainstay of only the almighty and no one else. But that doesn't mean that I stopped watering my plants, I continue to do that but without the expectations of that fragrance.

In the meanwhile, today's rain boosted my energy level in the gym and brought a smile on my face. Hope it did the same and better things for many of us!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The end of weekend

Well, I am back from my weekend shopping trip. When you live in Delhi and GIP, Noida (Great India Place) is like 15 minutes from your place then it's kinda imperative to visit it once a week. I shopped for shades and floaters but apart from the usual shopping bit which all girls love, there was something intriguing which I noticed today.

After having bought four pair of shoes, I was tired and decided to have chaat at the roadside chaatwalla. While I was savouring the lip smacking tikki chaat I noticed that there was one shop where all the people wanted to have chaat and there was a queue which was being formed and just a step away there was another shop which had not even one customer. Was that poor man's shop and the chaat so bad that no one wanted to have it or was it as usual the herd mentality which plagued us once again??

Also, there was a strange sense of unity in diversity. Since it was a road side shop, the not so rich can afford it and the rich.. well what to say, were ordering it sitting in their spanky cars. I felt that all of us, the Indians are somewhere bound by the same principles, we enjoy the same small outings and the good old yummie chaat.

The weekend has come to an end and tomo is going to be a new day. I will be back to teaching my students (yes I haven't told you). These days I teach students preparing for their BBA entrance exams and I must confess, it is one of the nicest experiences of my life. More about this experience later when I actually meet them.

Till then, good night and sleep tight.

After a long time

I am writing here today, after more than a year.. why this hiatus was there is something which even I can't comprehend. May be it was to do with the fact that I being a student of one of India's premier B School was caught up with myriad things or may be it was just about being lazy or it could be as plain as the fact that I didn't care enough about wrtiting.. the way I used to do when I was in school.

So what suddenly happened that I was propelled to write? It was yesterday when I felt once again that I liked writing. I was actually cajoled into writing by a close friend who wanted me to write about him.. well I know it sounds strange, but that's how it is. This friend of mine required a write up of a page about himself because that is what his company required. So after a lot of coaxing and blackmailing, I sat down last evening to write about him. After about an hour I was surprised not just by the write up but by the fact that how it is giving me a nice goody goody feeling. I was thanked profusely by my friend and then it stuck me, blogging.. here is my chance to feel nice evryday.

As I write this blog, I am contemplating about that fact that why I like writing. The answer which I can figure out instaneously is that I have always been really really talkative. I love talking.. talking about feelings, thoughts, political issues, random gup - shup.. all of it. but somehow somewhere when one grows up he/she starts getting monitored. The person is being advised to act all mature, measure his/her words.. in short just speak less and well just speak the relevant stuff. So I think it is that pent up desire to talk more and more and share all little things of life.

With that note, I will end this entry. Will tell you more tomorrow.. about the bright sunny(literally) day, about the shopping which I am going to do today and well much more. Stay tuned.

Love Neha