Saturday, December 19, 2009

I sit and think..

I sit and think
Of the wonder years
Those smiles and tears

I sit and think
Of the carefree childhood
World that looked so good

I sit and think
Of the friends I had
Moments both happy and sad

I sit and think
Of the bright sunny days
Warmth of the rays

I sit and think
Of my first love
Innocent & pure as a dove

I sit and think
Of the endless talks
Breezy late night walks

I sit and think
Of my life that was
If only it could pause..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

College Days!

All of us have vivid memories of our college days and so do I;therefore this post is dedicated to those three wonderful years of my life.

College, my college is counted among the best educational institues of India and so at the age of 17 when I entered its hallowed gates for the first time, it meant stepping into a legacy which I will carry for my life. St. Stephen's, the college which has churned out the best of the politicians, diplomats, journalists, writers is a dream for so many starry eyed students, it was my dream too and by God's grace I realized it.

Stephen's meant meeting some of the best brains, growing up into a mature person, standing up for your beliefs and last but not the least making friends for life. It meant a life where I could dream everyday, discuss philosophy with Vaidehi, sit in the sun and have food which Mommy had given in the tiffin (yes, I used to carry my lunch box to college). The craze for Chinese food, Bhel puri and CAT, all originated there.

I miss college days, life was so much more simple. My world was restricted to the green lawns of the Science Block, a couple of great friends, lab sessions and no worries to take back home.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Nikita - The wonder girl

Strange enough, I am compelled to write about someone whom I recently met, who meant nothing but a sweet voice on the phone, who was just another colleague in office but only till the time I met her. She is Nikita, one of us, vibrant, bubbly, intelligent, witty and B - School (JBIMS) educated. The one difference albeit a small one; as she makes me believe is that she hears what we see. Yes, very simply put she is visually challenged.

I have never met someone with a disability and so may be I used to have a soft corner or a symapthetic attitude towards them but meeting her changed it all. She doesn't need my or anyone else's symapthy. In fact she is a person who has turned her disability into her strength. The fact that she is a little different from the rest of us, has motivated her to no extent. Apart from the credentials which she has gained in her academic pursuits, she is a person of varied interests. She has a masters in music and sings for the All India Radio, she delivers lectures for people suffering from stress or depression and with all of this she is a full time employee, an efficient one at that for Bank of Baroda.

She has never failed to surprise me, yesterday when I went to her, she touched my sleeve which was a way of acknowledging my presence and then she said "You always wear formals", I was astonished and ended up asking "how do you know", she smiled and said "Your cufflings". As much as I want to believe that she is just like us, the more she proves me wrong. So, now I have conceded that she is indeed different, very different from most of us ; who blame our kismet for the smallest of the challenges we endure.

I wish I could learn just a few things from her - matching jewellery to the dress (yes, she does this to perfection), nonchalantly making fun of self; she happens to be a sardarni and so manages to crack jokes at herself and finally the way she smiles. Its a lovely and content smile which can light anyone's life.

P.S - This is what she told in her introduction once "My motto of life is very simple, as simple as my blood group i.e. B+"

Monday, November 30, 2009

Back to where I don't belong!

The weekend I waited for weeks is over before I realized, before I could hold on, before I was content..

This Sun, the 29th of November was Ashish's marriage, my friend and my alter ego (we have exactly the same scores in all our personality tests). Way back in 2007, I barely knew him, but I knew he had a girlfriend whom he will marry when we complete our MBA and yesterday he kept his word. Not that I ever doubted his intentions, but it is always nice to see love culminating into life long partnership. The marriage was in Goa, his native place. It was a nice and quiet Indian wedding, the bride looked beautiful in her red saree and the groom was my ever jovial friend. I smiled and just wished them all the happiness in the world. This was not it, in our trip to Goa, another couple announced their wedding. They too looked happy and it seemed just as the perfect ending and the perfect beginning of a new era of relationship, of a new dawn of emotions.

Goa was wonderful, the serene beaches the vast stretch of sand and the friend closest to heart. It doesn't take more for the life to look perfect. I desired for the time to stay still but it didn't and I am back to the house, to the office, where I don't belong. I might have accepted all of it with open arms but my idea of life was never this. I had dreamt of a big house on the beach, a walk on the sand and love at all times. I wished my life to be that simple, that beautiful!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Daddy's Girl :)

Mumbai looked different yesterday and that is simply because Daddy was coming here. I was all excited to see him and be with him for as long as possible so I carried my stuff to office from where I was to leave for his hotel. I was completely aware of where I was supposed to reach but guess what I reached some where else. I then called him, wailed about the random ways of Mumbai and then finally reached his hotel. So, I was kind of pondering over this that its been a long time since I stopped losing my ways. When I was young, it used to be a regular phenomenon. We lived in a township of 6 Km radius and there I would lose my way so so very often. When I started going to college, I continued the trend. But as I moved to hostel and then to Mumbai, I got used to figuring out my ways. So it seemed like that since Papa was here and I could call him and be baby like all over again I lost my way. I wanted him to tell me "Beta where are you, I will come", he did and that's all I needed :)

This was not all, last month when I visited home, we went on a short trip to Agra. The calorie conscientious me was as usual busy counting what all I had and so on. But suddenly, Papa asked "Beta, what dessert you want?". I needed that trigger and lost all all my sense of calories and weight. I wanted Ras Malai, so there he was in Agra at 10 pm trying to find that elusive sweet. When he finally did manage to get it for me, I just could not stop smiling. The effort which had gone in finding the sweet meant that my daddy loves me as much as he did when I was a three year old. He still is happy and willing to pamper me :)

It is pretty evident from this post but just for the sake of gloating.. I am a born daddy's girl and ya now the owner of a nice new 5800 Music Express phone which he got for me. So, I will rather end this post and here I go to call him.

Monday, November 9, 2009


How often it happens that songs conjure up memories.. memories of people, of places, of moments, of childhood, of happy times.. Songs have always had a special place in my life, the lyrics, the music takes me into another world all together.

I still remember the magic which "Pehla Nasha" had on me. I was in school, guess 8th standard, first time crush on this cute guy from my class. This song made me blush and made me smile and I just wanted to dance with him. It is all together a different matter that later I associated the same song with lots of other crushes as well :) Sometimes it was the craze of DDLJ and sometimes KKHH but all of them had their own charm and my own dreams associated with them. I can still vividly recall the school farewell where we played "Yaroon Dosti" and hugged and cried and cried. That song meant the entire world at that point of time. It was "Papa Kehte Hain" during college, "Maa" when away from mommy dearest, "Ye Ishq Hai" when love was blossoming, "Mehfuz" in those tender moments and finally on occasions of apparent heart breaks "Ya Rabba" and "Tere Bin Nahi Lagda" did the trick. When my special someone was coming to see me after a long time, all I could hum was "Tere Aane Ki Jab Khabar" and finally as I end this post and look outside my window, the perfect song is playing in the background "Chandni Raatein.."

I wish I was a song too.. happy and sad but complete in its own beautiful way :)

Saturday, October 31, 2009


As it happened, I was going on and on about some random happenings with a friend on phone, when suddenly we started talking about work. I don't know where it came from but I told him, that I am working and happily so because I think it is meaningful work. Different people have different notions about their work. Some work for the pure pleasure for money, some to pass their time, some because its fashionable and some simply because they derive meaning out of it. I don't know how many people will concur with me but I strongly believe that without value, without meaning there is no point. And this philosophy of mine, goes beyond work. Just to give an example, a relationship is beautiful and fulfiling, till the time each individual adds meaning to it. The day there is no exchange of thoughts and I mean the value adding thoughts or feelings, that day a relationship should end.

I might be stretching this a bit too far but that's what I believe in. Meaning or nothing.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Memories live forever..

Dear ones come and just go by
Never will they return howsoever we may try
When they leave they bring so many tears
For we had a relationship strengthened over years
What remians are impressions on the heart
In a short while we are miles apart
The distance may be due to death or anger
But everything has ended only in a whimper
For sometime we go insane
Mind is full of sorrow and pain
All this doesnt bring an end to life
We have to live and constantly strive
Why had they come if they had to go
Just to impart love for a day or so
People die and relationships end
We are left with tears to shed
Deep inside there remains a gap
Which gradually heals in time's lap
We pick up the broken pieces & start anew
Sorrow goes and there is joyness new
For there are memories to cherish both sweet & sour
Of all those happy moments and hours..

Friday, October 23, 2009

एक शेर

पास तुम हो,
पास तेरे मैं भी हूँ
पर ऐसा कुछ भी नही
जो तेरे पास का एहसास हो

- अशोक सिन्हा

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Of work and bosses!

Last Sunday was a day to connect, connect with the batch mates from MDI, all of whom have landed in this city, this city of dreams and well jobs. So the plan was all complete, with marathon mails from all quarters, we zeroed on the venue and time. I reached there to find a couple of my friends already waiting. It was sooo good to see them again, felt like we were back in college, the place where we have undoubtedly spent two of our most beautiful years. After the usual rounds of hugs and handshakes it was time for some serious discussion.

We started one by one narrating, criticizing, mocking and praising (rarely though) our respective jobs and bosses. It was in a way homecoming to be able to talk so candidly about life and associated stuff with people you know and have lived with. But in a way it was different because our issues have changed. In college life revolved around CGPA, projects and picking proffs, now its about work and bosses. The strange part is that the issues might be different, the city might have changed but what remains same and definitely unmatched is an evening well spent with friends.

By the way if I haven't mentioned the discussions also usually wander towards marriage. With a couple of them either getting engaged or married, it seems like there is a naked sword hanging on every one's head, it just remains to be seen that who gets caught into the trap first and who can dance away to glory till the last.

That's all for now. Signing off with a smile :)

P.S. - The guys haven't changed, they still look exactly the same, dishevelled I mean
The girls for sure look more elegant and prettier than before.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

That moment of truth

Walking in the twilight I followed my shadow
Looking beyond the horizon so yellow
Waiting to discover the meaning of life
Craving as if my heart was slaughtered with a knife

Blowing breeze then caressed my hair
Embracing it I felt no fear
Whispering something in my ear
Something which I couldnt hear

But I no longer felt like a fallen leaf
Or a peck of broken glass from the sheaf
That moment of truth made me sane
I want to play, dance like a child again...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

My people..

Today, I woke up in the morning with a twinge somewhere deep down, I knew the reason but was trying to avoid it. It had to happen sooner or later but somehow the suddeness of it took me by surprise. Not only I am not ready but also I don't want to let go off so soon. I am myself amazed by the heartache I am going through but knowing myself it is natural.

From the day I came to Mumbai, I found a set of people - caring, stubborn, cute, enthu, wierd and what not but they are MY people. Within no time we became friends and when I say friends, I mean it. We started spending a lot of time and in the process got to know each other. We would share our all secrets and fears and just be together all the time

Since I am feeling senti, I would rather introduce you to the closest of the lot. To begin with its the people I live with..
Iti, she is my roomie and also the most energetic and enthu person I have ever met in my life. She cares for one and all, makes friends right, left and center and also kisses me out of love and affection :)
Ashima, my partner in our branch training is one of the prettiest females in the entire world and to everyone's delight, she is still single ;) A person who understands, cares and is absolute fun to be with.
Then comes the person because of whom I am writing this post, Sujata - the homely, the scary and the Aunty. Homely because she cooks for all of us when our cook doesn't, scary because she can scare the shit out of me, thanks to her curly long hair and big eyes and finally aunty because that's what the guys like to tease her with.
Also, I can't help but mention the guys.. first its Ankit - the cute looking, all time blushing friend I made here, then its Subrat - the guy who wants to get fair, grow hair and who plans all our outings. Last but not the least its Kislay - the forever good boy and responsible kinds.. I have much more to say but that certainly can't be expressed in words. May be just that I will miss you all wherever and whenever..

Friday, August 28, 2009

Far and away

Distance is a humbling experience.. it makes you long, it makes you cry and finally it makes you realize the importance of the taken for granted people in your life. In my life also there are people like these mainly my parents and my closest friends to whom I am really attached to but for reasons obvious and obscure, I can't see them as often as I would want to.

So, as it happened I was missing this really dear and special friend of mine and he decided to visit me here in Mumbai. Given the sweetness of his gesture, I decided to make his stay as perfect as possible. I started out with a long list of eating out places in Mumbai, took reviews and recommendations from many of my friends and zeroed on a couple of them. I also thought that I would take him to Bandstand, Marine Drive, temples, Colaba, Pheonix mills etc. etc. and all this would be packed in a day. Now when my itinery was complete I started waiting anxiously for him.

The day arrived and so did he, I looked at him, gave him a big bear hug and then in a flash of moment remembered all the beautiful moments spent with him. After a few minutes when I came to terms with the fact that I am actually meeting him, I completely chucked all my grand outing plans which I had been making for the past 2 months. His presence and just the fact that he is around was enough to make our time together memorable. We spent our few hours either in silence or in smiles. There was not much to say or listen. It was like contentment, it was like coming back to life.

But as all beautiful things come to an end, this one also did. I bid him goodbye with moist eyes and heavy heart. I came back alone to my place, felt upset and felt sad but then distance also teaches you to value, to miss and then to carry on..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Singh rocks!!!

An evening with friends became so special and memorable because of Happy Singh and so this post is dedicated to the cutest, funniest and the most adorable Happy Singh. Now I didn't really know about Happy Singh and visited him for the first time today after my friends' brother mentioned about him. The moment I heard his name it reminded me of Punjab, the land of great food and generous hearts and so I insisted that we visit Happy Singh and no one else.

As it turned out a few of my friends were reluctant to meet him. But after a lot of persuasion we went to him and to our pleasant surprise Happy Singh had a big place (in a city like Mumbai, spacious places are a rarity). He made all of us feel comfortable in his big mansion which was decorated with his pictures (yes, he is a narcisst). He then started chit chatting with us in his own sweet punjabi accent, his english or rather hinglish was quite funny and we just couldn't stop laughing. After a round of jokes and gup shup, we were served a sumptuous dinner which consisted of lip smacking dishes like paneer makhani, dal makhani, aloo jeera, butter nan and drinks. We were just about to thank Happy Singh when he put the icing on the cake and got us jalebi with rabri.

End of the day Happy Singh just made me soooo happy that I want all my friends to meet him and be as happy as I am today. Thanks Happy singh, thanks for the lovely time and the great food. Will visit ya soon again. Till then miss ya ;)

P.S - Happy Singh is a restaurant in Saki Naka Mumbai, highly recommended.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One last time..

I wanna be close to you one last time
for I know you were once mine

I wanna embrace you one last time
& relive that rain, that sunshine

I wanna kiss you one last time
engulf myself in dreams sublime

I wanna dance for one last time
rock in your arms and feel the rhythm divine

I wanna cry for one last time
in your lap, I would be fine

I wanna be one, just one last time
for that is pure and not a crime...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Weekend to remember..

Today let me introduce you to people whom I am really close to - Mamu, mami, Luv and Kush. It might seem like I am talking of relatives and cousins but to tell you the truth, these are people with whom I share a special bond of love and warmth. They live in Mumbai, yes the same city as I do but I am not able to meet them often, blame it on the bad traffic of Mumbai or plain simple busy lives. But, this weekend I decided to go to their place and be with them. I have to agree that this was one of the coolest and nicest weekends in Mumbai. The reasons are varied and many which I will disclose in the course of my post.

Firstly, the sheer feeling of being almost at home can beat anything and everything in the world. So, that's what I felt there, I felt that I am almost at home. I was pampered to the hilt and who doesn't like it. I shopped, ate and got a hair cut. All of which gave me immense sense of happiness. Secondly what I love about Mamu's place is the locality, he lives in Navi Mumbai, just off the Palm beach road, its beautiful and clean surroundings made me think if I am in some other city and not in the ever dirty and ever stinking Mumbai.

Last but not the least, I kind of relived a part of my childhood with Luv-Kush. I played a game called business with them, I got so engrossed that completely lost the sense of time, also I saw them getting ready for next day at school, completing their homework, making charts and packing bags. It was then that I started getting nostalgic about my school days - the best and the most beautiful days of my life. How I wish, I could get all of that back, that carefree and blissful life..

Friday, July 10, 2009

Her Only One

Eyes that say a thousand words
Fingers which tenderly touch

Lips that feel like pink petals
Cheeks as if a shining metal

Voice which sings a mellifluous melody
Smile that lights moods many

Tresses as soft as fur
The fragrance which follows her

Has been waiting for someone
Someone who deserves to become
Her love, her dream, her only one..

Monday, July 6, 2009

My new house, my new city!!

I am now based out of Mumbai, Mumbai - the city of dreams. Its been exactly 16 days when I arrived with my bag and baggage in this city. I can't claim to know this city much given my duration of stay here but have definitely loved it and hated it for eclectic reasons.

For all the Mumbai lovers, I will start with what mesmerizes me. First and foremost, its the sea, the sea which spreads from one corner to the other, from Juhu to Worli, the sea which makes you fall in love, the sea which just lets you be. With sea comes the weather which fortunately has been pleasant from the very first day, the breeze which is an integral part of my 19th floor flat is one of the best things about my house. Another thing which has come as a wonderful surprise is the fact that here autos and taxis run only by meters, to someone like me who is a Delhiite, its an alien concept but at the same time quite welcoming.

Now, coming to the parts which I have started detesting already. Let me begin with the most debatable - the Local. Yes I have travelled in the local train and it was one of the worst experiences of my life to say the least. In fact it is inhuman to travel in locals at the rush hour. People seemed like ants and cockroaches, one above the another without a sense of space. There is no space to breathe, forget the fact that one could sit or stand. I could smell each person, I could feel the sweat, the touch of countless women whom I don't even know. They fight, they curse, they abuse and then jostle for the air. Isn't it a basic human right to be able to breathe?? Also, whoever says that Mumbai is going to be our Shangai or something is definitely dreaming. The infrastructure of the city is crumbling down each passing day. One rain and its all flodded with water.

This city is good and is bad but it is also unique in its own special way. Its accepts and assimilates people, people from all walks of life but it needs strength and support to go on.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Staff College, Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad

It was yesterday about 11:30 am when we (4 of us, all joining BoB) reached Staff College, Bank of Baroda, Ahmedabad. Apprehensions, anticipations and expectations with so many things on our mind, we entered the college. It was a simple reception where we kept our bags and waited for someone to escort us to our rooms. Soon, a person came and helped us take our bags and stuff to our rooms, my first impression for the room was - NICE. The rooms we were given were not overtly flashy or luxurious but are so comfortable and cozy that we fell in love with them.

I was tired from the last night spent in train so crashed soon. When I got up from my long nap, there were lots of new faces in the college - people who would be my new friends, collegues and much more. We are about 40-45 students from all across top B - Schools namely IIMA, IIMC, MDI, XLRI, IIML, IIMK, SPJain, IIFT, NMIMS, IMT. I met most of them during lunch and dinner in mess. We exchanged the usual pleasantries and then gave our intros and then sat down to have sumptuous food being served with such warmth and affection that it felt like home.

Today was the day kept aside for paper work and so the better part of the day was spent doing that only but in the evening we left for Karkaria Lake. It was a beautiful and clean lake, although the place was really crowded but I felt great being there. I loved the the cool breeze that embraced me, the little kids who were playing in the toy trains, the families who were enjoying their weekend outing. I think I have already started falling in love with the city - Ahmedabad - the city of Mr. Modi.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last class

Yes, the day arrived when I took my last classes at Edumentor. It was a strange feeling, I felt sad for sure but don't know why. There has been no doubt that it was a great learning experience but I never knew that leaving my students would bring such a heartache along. I have been pondering about the reasons of my being sad. Besides the obvious reason that I will miss my students, I think there is another one playing along. It may come across as a confession but I think its high time now that I come out with it.

From the first day when I started teaching, one predicament which I faced was that there were students of varying capability and intellect levels. Some were fast learners and others were slow, I decided to make it a point to take everyone along while teaching so that all of them gain from the class. As much as I wanted to take the class along, there might have been instances where some of my students couldn't catch up. So this post is dedicated to all those who felt that they were left behind. I had my limitations, in terms of time, in terms of demands from others but believe me all of you were equal for me and from the bottom of my heart I wish you all success and luck.

Also, I would like to share an opinion which might sound elitist or something but anyway I would still like to share. In almost all my batches, the students who faced most difficulty were from government schools. With all due respect to the efforts taken by Education Secretary, I would like to ask that sure these students passed their board exams but are they ready to challenge the ever increasing competition? I think not, I think there is still a long way to cover before we can see equality between the education imparted by private schools and the govt schools. With this I end my today's post. I have a train to catch for Ahmedabad tomo so hoping for a new day a new journey. God Bless!!!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Today I am enjoying a full fledged holiday, thanks to my students' exam on 2nd all of us (their teachers) have got an extended weekend. I got up leisurely at around 10 am, then had a good breakfast and after that have just been whiling away time. One thing which has occupied my mind since morning is my students and so I thought of writing about them.

First, I have to agree to the fact that I started teaching only to utilize my time during the 2-2.5 months of holiday which I got post MDI and pre joining BoB. It was also a way to get some decent pocket money and well that's about it. It never dawned on me that I could actually like teaching, but somehow it soon became a part of everyday life. I used to always ponder that why my professors, the real good ones left high paying cushioned jobs to teach us. I think I have got the answer now.

When I went to teach the first day, it was an unfamiliar setting. A group of 40 students all 18 year old were waiting for me to give some kind of intro and then may be start teaching. I told them candidly about myself, what I do, why I am teaching them and then I smiled. They smiled back and then there was no looking back. I started taking classes everyday, met around 500 students who are all young, raring to go, carefree and sweet all at the same time. I enjoyed teaching them and by the feedback I received I got to know that they liked being taught by me. Yes, not everything was hunky dory all the time, there were days when they didn't want to study, when I expected a little more of them, when they tried to act over smart, when I lost my temper and so on and so forth.

Now, when I am nearing the end of these classes, it seems like I am leaving a part of my life. The amount of respect and love which they have showered over me is immense and I am surely going to miss it. In the last week I wrapped up my classes with a couple of batches, with a twinge of sadness I said "Goodbye guys, do well in life.. I will miss you all". It was indeed true, I have already started missing them. I have a couple of more classes to go and then that will be all..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

When I die

When I die
Who will cry?

The friends I forgot
or the foes I got
The parents I lost
or the kids I sent abroad
The wife I fought
or the money I sought

When I die
Who will cry?

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Marriage of Maddy :)

24th May 2009, today is that auspicious day when my beautiful roomie (Maddy) is getting married to her long time boyfriend. Maddy was my next door neighbour in the first year of MBA and then was my roomie in the final year. We met each other on the very first day at MDI. I was with my parents who were trying to make the hostel room perfect and cozy for their darling daughter ;) and in Maddy's room was a guy who was helping to clean up and make the room comfortable for his eerrrrrr girlfriend/sister/friend.. I didn't know then and to make matters worse my mother said "I think the girl's brother has come to drop her". But it was soon when Maddy made it clear to one and all that she was committed and completely in love with the guy who came to drop her.

Days passed and I got to know Maddy more than just the pretty looking neighbour. She came across as one of the most creative and smart people around. Her insatiable desire for trivia and movies and music and coffee and endless other things always amazed me. I got to know her more closely as a person when we started sharing the room. It was her sheer presence which would light up our room. I have met really few people like her -who are at peace with themselves, who can smile when they get up from the bed and who are so genuinely nice.

Being roomates and friends we had many discussions about our boyfriends and love life. One thing which was always a pleasant surprise for me was the understanding which they shared. They had joined bank accounts, bought a car and emptied all their savings and all this when they were not married. I asked her once isn't this too much of a risk and how can she be so sure of a person and she said something so profound. It went like "Neha, till the time we don't make an effort to be sure of the person, we will never be". These words will forever be etched in my memory and I hope that I am able to apply them in my life someday.

Finally, our two years at MDI were coming to an end, he came again to take Maddy back and to pack the bags of his girlfriend and now would be wife. Today they are getting married. I just wish them all the love and happiness in the world. How I wish I could be there to hug you Roomie..

Friday, May 22, 2009

Summer Funk 2009

Today was the culmination of the Summer Funk classes of the Shaimak Davar Institute. There were hundreds of students, ranging from the age of 2 to 50. The Siri Fort Auditorium was packed with performers, parents, relatives and our instructors. We wore costumes which no one in their right mind would ever wear. We looked funny in purple and green colored satin short skirts on which we stuck ticklies (a shiny silvery coin kind of thing) but I would like to believe the audience including my parents who said we looked good if not fabulous.

In those glittering lights where all of us were either anxious or excited to perform, there was also present a group of very special children. Yes, the children who were challenged, autistic or dyslexic. They were also there to perform, dressed up in their white shiny costumes all decorated with ticklies (this is a standard thing). I don't know how they felt performing in the front of such a large audience but it was their sheer presence on the stage which made me get goosebumps. They put up a fantastic show, it was a performance where they showed their colors, their moves and their innocent smiles. It was nothing but the best.

These kids get trained in the Shaimak's Victory Art Foundation for special children. It is his way to reach out to them and I feel with this thought of his, he reached out to all of us. I just prey and hope that someday somewhere I can do my small bit for these children - the God's Children.

God Bless!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Deep down there is a flame
Which flickers still
And tells me not to blame
Myself for this nil..

Deep down there is a flame
Which keeps alive as if sublime
It inspires me to shed the shame
For it’s not my fault this time

Deep down there is a flame
Which refuses to die
And reminds me of my aim
Those starts and the sky..

Deep down there is a flame..
Which is my only ray of light
It believes that I can go and claim
For I just need to fight..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Love lost..

This post is inspired by a real good friend of mine who is going through a rough patch in his love life. Let's call him SK, first about him and me.. he has been one of the best friends I have made during my B - School days, not only is he caring and loving but a true genius and a gem of a person. When we met in college then he had recently started going around with this cute looking chubby girl from his office. Now, since he was back to college she started visiting him in our college which happened to be in the same city as the office in which they met. When she would be in college, they would often feed Maggi to each other and sip tea from one cup.

Days passed and I saw them happy and content. Not that there were no fights or misunderstandings but somehow things would always return back to normal and I would find them holding hands or snuggling together once again. It was their playful banter, their discussions of their future life and their happy selves which would repose my faith in love and relationships.

Two years passed and we graduated armed with our MBA degrees, in the meantime SK's girlfriend moved to another city because of her job. Slowly and steadily their conversations reduced, they couldn't meet as often as they did before. Things did not seem quite right between them, they had more frequent fights now over a myriad of things. They even started feeling that they wouldn't be compatible and yes finally they broke up.

SK misses her and perhaps loves her also, that's only for him to decide. But what touched me the most is his concern for her well being. He says he is fine but his girl or as he would call it - his bachha lives alone in a far away city and has few friends. He prays daily for her so that she gains the strength to be able to overcome this heart break soon. I too pray SK and I am sure she was blessed to have a person like you in her life.

Why are heart breaks so painful, and why do all of us have to go through them sooner or later. Wouldn't life be much more easier and beautiful if we didn't have to go through this ordeal..

Saturday, May 16, 2009


In the hey days of my life
I knew no suffering, no strife

Blessed with money and fame
I resolved to play a vicious game

The big bad world lured me
There was no looking back, I could see

My hunger for power was insatiable
I had become ruthless and formidable

Then something happened and I got caught
All the riches and clout I lost

The ignominy of my misdeeds followed me
I could never breathe easy, never be free

Years passed and my youth faded
I am left weak and jaded

My end is near so I know
With no one on my side, I feel so low

Give me a chance for I need to mend
My sins and crimes before I am dead..

Friday, May 15, 2009

Delhi men/boys..

It was around quarter past 7 when I was coming back from my dance class in Noida. I noticed suddenly that a guy was following me on his bike, first I tried to ignore but then grew sceptical of his continuous trail. I was trying to speed up but got caught on the next red light, he halted his bike right next to my car and was trying to catch my attention. In no time, he wanted to converse and was asking me to speak to him. All this was happening on a very busy Noida road, my mind was racing on what all he can do - bump his bike on to my car, follow me till my house or any other thing which I didn't want to think or imagine. I also thought about what I can do - the only thing that came to my mind was to call on the number 100, but would it really help? I don't know.. Thankfully, after having scolded him and taking a round or two here and there, I managed to confuse him and reached home safe and sound. The only question which my mind asks "Am I safe in Delhi".

When I came back home, I read the newspaper report about the girl Aarushi who was found murdered in her house in Noida last year and CBI stilll has to file a final report. Till when will the girls and women be subjected to this kind of treatment. When will justice prevail? When?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

House Warming :)

I am back from another of my short trips. This time I didn't go for travel or holiday purpose but, for keeping up the tradition of visiting my hometown Roorkee. Also, this time round it was not just reconnecting with my grandparents and uncles and aunts (Oh God, it sounds sooo distant.. let me call them what I call them chachu, chachi, mamu and mami) but also a family function. It was the house warming ceremony at my chachu's place. People came from everywhere, distant relatives whom I do not recognise and remember were present and announced their presence with bear hugs and pleasantries.

The function was to take place today morning and was preceeded by a Jagran last night. The function went well except for the palatial house which was soon turned into something entirely different. Just to give a short account of what happened - the beautiful curtains were subjected to the dirt and oil of numerous hands, the spotless and color co-ordinated bedsheets were not to be recognized, the sofas bore the jumps and fights of small kids and many more such heart wrenching things happened. The house warming ceremony ended but what starts now is a month long renovation. I wish my chachi patience and good luck for the coming days and well if I haven't told you before then Chachu, this was the best house I have ever seen :)

P.S. - For everyone else please be a little considerate towards your relatives/friends/neighbors belongings and feelings.

Monday, May 11, 2009


Distance makes the heart grow fonder
For there are memories to cherish and remember

Sitting on the edge of my window I miss
That breeze, that rain and our first ever kiss

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Now, I take time to think and ponder

If your eyes also search for my one sight
For I light my dreams with you each night

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
I realize today when growing older

With you I was a child showered with love and affection
I need you again to give my life a new direction

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
My joys and sorrows crave for your shoulder

Come back to me, for I will hold you
And start our beautiful world anew

Distance makes the heart grow fonder...

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The D Day!!!

Today was 7th May, the day which will seal the fate of Congress or BJP or whichever party.. well I am not here to get in to the nitty - gritty's of poll results but what I want to share here is something odd which I noticed, odd may be because it's the first time I voted or may be because it really was odd. After months of campaigning, no not just by the politicians but all others like NGOs, public figures etc. for making people aware of their right to vote, it was disheartening to see two men sitting at the booth for their election duty who were uncooperative to say the least. They were not even remotely interested in answering innocuous questions of the voters. I, who went there with my passport (coz I don't have a voter id) asked that where could I get my voter id from. I got a terse reply which was "Madam ji, hamara kaam nahi hai ye, hume nahi pata". First this reply not only highlights their ignorance but also shows their attitude which was bordering on the verge of being rude. It was like they were trying to undo what all others have been trying to achieve by urging us to vote. Nonetheless, nothing could dampen the nice feeling which I got after voting.

On another note, today I got into a discussion with a friend about the parties(Congress and BJP) we have voted for. This discussion or rather debate stretched a wee bit longer since both of us vehemently disapprove of the other party. We got into facts, riots, development, farmers, jobs.. possibly everything we could to prove our point but we couldn't reach a conclusion. In any case, that discussion gave me a broader perspective to think over, though my ideas did not change but it was satisfying to have a meaningful conversation with a friend.

Now, I think I should go off to sleep, have a train to catch early in the morning.. if I haven't told already then I am going to Kasauli. This small holiday is a present for my parents who will be celebrating their 25th marriage anniversary on 9th May :) More about this trip in my next blog. Till then see ya.

Monday, May 4, 2009

The first rain!!

I was back in the scorching heat after taking classes in the coaching institute and there was absolutely no sign of rain. It was a hot, sultry afternoon and soon after having lunch I dozed off. At about 5 pm when I left my home for the gym, suddenly I was greeted by a big raindrop on my hand. I was surprised or should I say flabbergasted with the raindrop that my first instance was to run towards the gym. But soon it stuck me that I love rain, I have always loved the intoxicating smell of the soil which gets wet by the rain drops. In fact as a child I would water my garden so that I could recreate the magic of that fragrance. It was never the same, the wet garden though would create an illusion of a downpour for a moment or so, but it could bever be close to the actual feeling which a rain imparts. I learned my lesson that the most beautiful things in life are the mainstay of only the almighty and no one else. But that doesn't mean that I stopped watering my plants, I continue to do that but without the expectations of that fragrance.

In the meanwhile, today's rain boosted my energy level in the gym and brought a smile on my face. Hope it did the same and better things for many of us!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

The end of weekend

Well, I am back from my weekend shopping trip. When you live in Delhi and GIP, Noida (Great India Place) is like 15 minutes from your place then it's kinda imperative to visit it once a week. I shopped for shades and floaters but apart from the usual shopping bit which all girls love, there was something intriguing which I noticed today.

After having bought four pair of shoes, I was tired and decided to have chaat at the roadside chaatwalla. While I was savouring the lip smacking tikki chaat I noticed that there was one shop where all the people wanted to have chaat and there was a queue which was being formed and just a step away there was another shop which had not even one customer. Was that poor man's shop and the chaat so bad that no one wanted to have it or was it as usual the herd mentality which plagued us once again??

Also, there was a strange sense of unity in diversity. Since it was a road side shop, the not so rich can afford it and the rich.. well what to say, were ordering it sitting in their spanky cars. I felt that all of us, the Indians are somewhere bound by the same principles, we enjoy the same small outings and the good old yummie chaat.

The weekend has come to an end and tomo is going to be a new day. I will be back to teaching my students (yes I haven't told you). These days I teach students preparing for their BBA entrance exams and I must confess, it is one of the nicest experiences of my life. More about this experience later when I actually meet them.

Till then, good night and sleep tight.

After a long time

I am writing here today, after more than a year.. why this hiatus was there is something which even I can't comprehend. May be it was to do with the fact that I being a student of one of India's premier B School was caught up with myriad things or may be it was just about being lazy or it could be as plain as the fact that I didn't care enough about wrtiting.. the way I used to do when I was in school.

So what suddenly happened that I was propelled to write? It was yesterday when I felt once again that I liked writing. I was actually cajoled into writing by a close friend who wanted me to write about him.. well I know it sounds strange, but that's how it is. This friend of mine required a write up of a page about himself because that is what his company required. So after a lot of coaxing and blackmailing, I sat down last evening to write about him. After about an hour I was surprised not just by the write up but by the fact that how it is giving me a nice goody goody feeling. I was thanked profusely by my friend and then it stuck me, blogging.. here is my chance to feel nice evryday.

As I write this blog, I am contemplating about that fact that why I like writing. The answer which I can figure out instaneously is that I have always been really really talkative. I love talking.. talking about feelings, thoughts, political issues, random gup - shup.. all of it. but somehow somewhere when one grows up he/she starts getting monitored. The person is being advised to act all mature, measure his/her words.. in short just speak less and well just speak the relevant stuff. So I think it is that pent up desire to talk more and more and share all little things of life.

With that note, I will end this entry. Will tell you more tomorrow.. about the bright sunny(literally) day, about the shopping which I am going to do today and well much more. Stay tuned.

Love Neha