Tuesday, February 5, 2008

In The Middle Of Night

About the poem - I have tried to write about how a prostitute feels, dont know if i have been able to do justice to her feelings.

I feel safe in the middle of night
For no one's here to ask for my plight
This dead silence lets me go on my flight
Away from this world's cruel sight

I feel humble in the middle of night
When my beauty vanishes without light
And there is no one to hold me tight
At last, I got this long awaited respite

I feel innocent in the middle of night
Untouched and pure like snow white
I want to value myself if I might
For all those times when I dont unite

I feel wanted in the middle of night
When no one uses me as his birthright
My heart is full of ecstacy and delight
Not from carnal desires but my soul's insight

I feel free in the middle of night
Huddled in this dingy room not bright
Dawn is here as I end this write
And prepare myself for another day another fight

I feel rich in the middle of night
Without the money which was showed in twilight
You cannot buy me even with wealth infinite
My story I know sounds very trite..


Saurabh said...

this is one of the best compositions i have ever read.. u should win a Pulitzer for this..

Neha Dua said...

Saurabh, Thank u so much for your generous comments.

Hriday said...

i really dont know! while trafficking is a reality my personal experience with prostitutes( no i did not sleep with them) makes me believe many r there of there own volition

theONE said...

Mesmerizing stuff..awesome!!!