Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First Dance

Like an infant in the cradle
I rocked in his arms and penned this fable

The sweet lucid lyrics of the song
Made me forget right and wrong

He looked at me as if a rainbow in the sky
My heart skipped a beat & I felt so shy

My silky black hair acted as a veil
But his one touch & I let my self sail

He held me close & his lips touched mine
As if a thirsty soul tasted french wine

My fingers then reached his soft hair
And got entwined without any care

I envisioned our future in those moments so pure
He is my soulmate, my heart said for sure

The time should stand still was my wish
I know I was acting childish

One last embrace and that will be all
For I have to rush back before my dad's call

Mesmerized by the thought of that beautiful evening..
I am writing this while his intoxicating smell still lingering...

1 comment:

Saurabh said...

truly seducing and very romantic.. good job neha..