Tuesday, February 5, 2008


To touch the blue sky
Leave the fear of falling from high

To feel the radiant sun
Not regretting the burn

To explore the beauty of nature
In the midst of all dangerous creature

To kiss the twinkling star
Forget the loneliness so far

To be a lotus in algae so grey
spreading fragnance in every way

To look beyond the horizon
Opposing the pragmatic reason

To imagine the depth of sea
Fly like a bird so free

To get enlightened by fire
Not to visualize it as one's pyre

To keep believing in God above
Even after losing one's love

To just be a symbol of humanity
And realize this life's sanctity.

मैं हूँ खामोश..

मैं हूँ खामोश मेरे अल्फाज़ सुनो..
मेरी साँसों में गूंजती
अपनी आवाज़ की झंकार सुनो
मेरी आंखों में बसे ख्वाबों का
तुम हो फनकार सुनो
मेरे कमरे के कोने कोने में
अपनी पर्चियों की धड़कन सुनो
मेरे लडखडाते हुए कदमो में
अपनी मदहोशी के किस्से सुंनो
मेरे हर लव्ज़ में
अपने नाम की पुकार सुनो
मेरे टूटे हुए दिल में
अपनी धड़कने सुनो

मैं हूँ खामोश मेरे अल्फाज़ सुनो...
पंछियों की चेह्चाहात में
मेरी खिलखिलाती हसी सुनो
तन्हाइयों की रातों में
भीगी पलकों की सिसकियाँ सुनो
कांच के शीशे पर जमी बारिश की बूंदों की तरह
दबे हुए मासूम सवाल सुनो
खिलते हुए फूलों की खुशबू में
मेरी साँसों की सरगम सुनो
खितिज को छुटी लहरों में
मेरे तमन्नाओ के गीत सुनो'कहने को अब कुछ नही बाकि
मेरे दिल के जज्बाद सुनो

मैं हूँ खामोश मेरे अल्फाज़ सुनो...

In The Middle Of Night

About the poem - I have tried to write about how a prostitute feels, dont know if i have been able to do justice to her feelings.

I feel safe in the middle of night
For no one's here to ask for my plight
This dead silence lets me go on my flight
Away from this world's cruel sight

I feel humble in the middle of night
When my beauty vanishes without light
And there is no one to hold me tight
At last, I got this long awaited respite

I feel innocent in the middle of night
Untouched and pure like snow white
I want to value myself if I might
For all those times when I dont unite

I feel wanted in the middle of night
When no one uses me as his birthright
My heart is full of ecstacy and delight
Not from carnal desires but my soul's insight

I feel free in the middle of night
Huddled in this dingy room not bright
Dawn is here as I end this write
And prepare myself for another day another fight

I feel rich in the middle of night
Without the money which was showed in twilight
You cannot buy me even with wealth infinite
My story I know sounds very trite..

First Dance

Like an infant in the cradle
I rocked in his arms and penned this fable

The sweet lucid lyrics of the song
Made me forget right and wrong

He looked at me as if a rainbow in the sky
My heart skipped a beat & I felt so shy

My silky black hair acted as a veil
But his one touch & I let my self sail

He held me close & his lips touched mine
As if a thirsty soul tasted french wine

My fingers then reached his soft hair
And got entwined without any care

I envisioned our future in those moments so pure
He is my soulmate, my heart said for sure

The time should stand still was my wish
I know I was acting childish

One last embrace and that will be all
For I have to rush back before my dad's call

Mesmerized by the thought of that beautiful evening..
I am writing this while his intoxicating smell still lingering...